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International Anarchist Defence Fund

Our collective solidarity structure provides support to anarchists around the world who are persecuted or find themselves in a difficult life situation because of their political ideas or activities.

The Anarchist Defence Fund incorporates the mode of solidarity introduced by the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund which successfully provides similar support to antifascists.

We are a collective structure because anyone who makes an annual donation of $20U.S./€20/£15 can join the decision-making body that decides if a certain request is supported by the fund. Decisions are taken online by consensus, or by a simple majority vote if consensus is not possible.


In a world where our enemies are global and are internationally organized, it’s extremely important that we the anarchist are as well. IADF is a key organization in this idea and a tremendous help for organizations and struggles are around the globe. Do not hesitate to join the fund and participate in the coming projects.

Anarchistische Groep A’dam


We are proud to be part of the decision-making crew of the IADF. Their process is very simple and transparent, it’s direct support here and now. Structures like IADF are also of great help to groups like ours, we can ask them for financial support or forward local activists to the A-Fund if we are experiencing hard times. Don’t hesitate and donate!

Анархический черный крест Беларусь

Infoshop Samisdat (Leipzig)

As an anarchist structure we support an idea of a defense fund with horizontal structure. First of all, because anarchists are always in a risk group and at the same time many other organizations are not supporting them during repressions. Second, because it gives a chance to anyone in our movement to not only rely on existed structures, but to be involved in solidarity directly. We wish a success of A-fund as a structure, an idea and an experiment.

Infoladen Samisdat

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Provide Support

To support anarchists reaching out for help from the International Anarchist Defence Fund, donate or buy something from the distro in one of our partner shops. If your donation or…

Join us

We function as a collective of trusted individuals who deal with different tasks around keeping the Fund going. There are various roles people can hold in the collective: from spreading…

Spread the word

In this section, you can find some materials designed by us to promote the A-Fund. Spread the word! You will also find some tools that we use in our work…

Anarchists are opposed to violence. The main plank of anarchism is the removal of violence from human relations. It is life based on the freedom of the individual, without the intervention of the police. For this reason we are enemies of capitalism, which depends on the protection of the police to force workers to allow themsleves to be exploited. We are therefore enemies of the State, which is the coercive, violent organization of society.
– Errico Malatesta
(“Umanità Nova” n. 115 del 25 agosto 1921)

Support the Anarchist Defence Fund

There are several ways to help. One of them is buying items that go directly to the Fund.


Latest post


The existing health crisis and its management from governments until now, globally, has unmasked the real character of authority, which…

A-Fund donates to pay the fine of a hunting-towers destroyer in Germany

Last year around the early days of February 2019, an estimate of 13 hunting towers was destroyed in a small…

A-Fund supports the legal defense of Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

After a year and a half in hiding, anarchist Gabriel Pombo Da Silva was arrested on January 25 in Portugal…


Get in touch

We accept requests for support via email a-fund@riseup.net and messages in social networks. We encourage you to use email whenever possible. Our public PGP key is here.
Supporting The International Anarchist Defence Fund is a perfect way of helping out comrades in need, especially when they don’t have access to local solidarity groups or support structures.
Check out our donation options.

International Anarchist Defence Fund


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