A-Fund donates to an anarchist injured during A12 in Charlottesville

A white supremacist rally in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017 ended with murder. There was a group of people who made a countermarch against the right-wingers, and at some point one of the nazis drove into the crowd of protesters in his car. Heather Heyer was killed in this attack, many others got injured.

An anarchist from the US turned for our support revealing that the $200,000 raised by the Democratic Socialists of America and distributed by the National Compassion Fund was distributed in a way that was unfair to say the best. Here you can also read more about what happened back then and the situation with the funding that never reached some of the affected.
The person falls under the category of outpatient victims and was granted $1,000, while still not being able to work and having a serious surgery scheduled for October.

The decision-making crew of the A-Fund decided to send the anarchist 120.22 euros.

If you want to make sure that any anarchist anywhere in a similar situation is supported, you should really kick in to International Anarchist Defense Fund!

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