A-Fund supports Brian Valentino (Indonesia)

On May 1 this year, like in many other cities on this planet, anarchists took to the streets in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They called the demonstration March Against Feudalism, and it resulted in arrests of 69 comrades.

There has since been a huge crackdown involving raids and more arrests based on flimsy evidence. At present there are 11 comrades still locked up in Yogyakarta Police Prison, they are isolated and not allowed any contact with comrades outside. One of these people is Brian Valentino (Ucil). Since the day of his arrest, May 1st until May 16th 2018, the comrade, who was beaten and tortured, has been denied of his rights for legal advocate or lawyer. Ever since he was arrested it’s already 15 days of interrogation without the company of a lawyer or advocate.The police or the legal aid haven’t gave us a clear reason about this, therefore we are not sure that whether the police or the legal advocate who refuse to help him. You can read his open letter here.

The International Anarchist Defence Fund consensually decided to send Brian a bit of our support amounting at 98 euros. You can also make individual donations to him and other arrested comrades to the paypal

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