A-Fund supports the creation of an antifa social centre in Kallithea (Greece)

In 2012, antifascists from Kallithea in Greece have chased away fascists who tortured and harassed migrants. Since then, the fascists were threatening to reappear, and the lack of a self-organised social center in Kallithea that can host antifascist and political groups that can support them, makes the coalition of the antifascist movement and the fight against the neonazis extremely difficult.

The price of the self-organised social center with a capacity of 100m2, is 14000 euros. For the part of the protection of the comrade that suffers the consequences of renting the center the activists are trying to create a legal form for renting. The cost of it is a little more than a thousand euros. That way the state will stop harassment and threats to him, and also in the case of possible affiliation with antifascist/anarchist action they will no longer press him charges.

You can check out the social centre’s Facebook page here.

The request didn’t fall under A-Fund’s anti-repressive mission, so it went through a voting procedure and ultimately funded with 344 euros.

If you want to make sure that any anarchist anywhere in a similar situation is supported, you should really kick in to International Anarchist Defense Fund!

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