Anarchist Summercamp 2018

Call for Anarchist Summercamp 2018 August 1-8

An experiment of lived anarchy…

The A-Camp 2018 is for anyone who recognizes themselves in anarchist ideas or has an interest in such ideas. On the basis of solidarity, mutual aid, free association, and self-organization, the intention is to experiment with anarchy over the course of a week. Especially in this authoritarian social climate, which is getting worse all the time, there is a need to mark our actual practice with efforts at freedom, absence of domination, and individual autonomy. Our ideas will be put to the test here, and we will grow from the experience.

…to strengthen the fight for freedom

The A-Camp will consist of days filled with debates, discussions, practical workshops, sport, creative activities and everything, that people will proactively contribute to it and make of it. The focus will be exchange, meeting one another, and deepening relationships that we already have with one another, to find perspectives and means that can expedite the overcoming of the established order.
The creation of an individual and associative freedom, that isn’t defined by security.

Living in these times, in which security is identified by the rulers as the highest of all feelings and the prerequisite of a good life, requires us to critically question security itself. Without regulating violence – without a state – freedom can’t be defined with respect to security, because there is no longer any authority that can guarantee it. The freedoms which the state grants to us are freedoms on probation, which we have just so long as we act in compliance and which the ruler can take away at any time.

When we consider the A-Camp as an experiment, as a time and space without regulating violence, where individuals meet to experiment with other forms of relating to each other, it is clear that it can only be a matter of learning something new. All of us are shaped by the world we are living in, and problems, mistakes, and conflicts will be a part of the camp. We can not issue a warranty, we can not guarantee security, that the A-Camp will be as enriching as it potentially could be for everyone attending. The basis for an enriching camp is that everyone who attends the camp will try to appropriate the camp according to her desires and needs, without trying to exert power – then the A-Camp will be an adventure for us all.

The A-Camp will be what those who attend make out of it.
For anarchy!

If you want to participate, hold a workshop or help us, please let us know.


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