Call for International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners August 23-30

We are approaching the 7th International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. For 6 years we’ve been calling you to show your solidarity with our comrades all around the world. Trials in Italy, France, Germany, Russia are bringing more and more anarchists into the mouth of the prison system.

It is our duty, of those who stay outside of the prisons, to help our comrades serve their sentences knowing that they are not left alone in their struggle. You might not know those people. You might not speak their language and most probably will never meet them. But through your actions you show that they are welcomed in this world. Welcomed more than the prison guards and judges. More than presidents and kings. So let your solidarity pour through the walls of prisons and fight till everybody is free!

We are eager to hear your stories of actions and events. So send them to At the end of the week we will make a summary of those events.

The updated list of anarchist prisoners around the world is available here.


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