Call for Solidarity with the Imprisoned of Operazione Scintilla, Italy

On Thursday 7 February 2019, at 4:40 a.m., the eviction of the squat “Asilo occupato” (“the occupied kindergarten”) in Via Alessandria 12 in Turin, occupied since 1995, began. The eviction was carried out as part of the “Operazione Scintilla” (“Operation Spark”). Several hundred Carabinieri in riot gear, police officers and Guardia di finanza with machine…

Indonesia: Palang Hitam (Anarchist Black Cross Indonesia), M1, Life on the Run and a Tale of Treachery By A Comrade

A STATEMENT FROM PALANG HITAM CONCERNING TOBI’S MISUSE OF FUNDRAISING: It recently came to our attention that Tobi has been misappropriating funds from our organisation. We tweeted about it a few days ago (and have had private communications with some contributors) but in light of the severity of the situation, how much money he fundraised…

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