First Quarterly Report

The International Anarchist Defence Fund is now set up and ready for action!

We have been busy behind the scenes establishing our structures so that we are able to process donations and get the money to the people who need it. We can receive donations to our bank account / paypal / yandex / QIWI / bitcoin / ether / litecoin / monero / dash. Feel free to donate at any time!

You can also use the power of your computer (or any public computer or smartphone) to generate digital money for the Fund. Just click the ‘Start mining’ link on the website and it will mine bitcoins as long as you keep the page open. (Keep in mind that it will use a great deal of your device’s resources and power).

We are also grateful to all people and groups who so far made donations and organised benefits for the Fund.

In the frontlines we are now pretty active on various corporate and activist social medias, including mastodon, twitter, diaspora, VK, facebook, reddit, instagram, telegram and so on. Please help us spread the word in your networks!

We have also begun with the production for our distro, with stickers, key hobs, T-shirts. A crowdfunding campaign will follow soon. We are happy to hear from distros who want to help with merchandise!

Security is of course important, we try to communicate as much as possible using encrypted methods, you can find our pgp key online and browse the website using Tor (3twky3aqeyay2juc.onion).

We are happy to announce that we have received multiple emails from volunteers and people who would like to be part of our collective. You can do the same by filling in a form.

Lastly, we are currently assessing our first three funding proposals. 🙂

See you soon for the next report!

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