Philadelphia comrade accused of vandalising Trump golf course supported by A-Fund

A comrade from Philadelphia (US) was arrested in March 2019 on their way to a separate court hearing by the US Marshalls. This comrade was arrested two years ago in connection to alleged vandalism at a Trump golf course in New Jersey. Over the past two years they have been picked up on various charges by different police agencies in New Jersey, the FBI and Homeland Security. This comrade is a trans internationally performing poet who actively discusses state repression within their work and has done a lot of work within the Philadelphia and New Jersey organizing community over the past couple of years.

They already owe the state 25k for their first offense, their lawyer fees, the money for the current bail and whatever additional fees the state throws at them for their current list of offenses.

The A-Fund decided to support the comrade with 424 euros.

If you want to make sure that any anarchist anywhere in a similar situation is supported, you should really kick in to International Anarchist Defense Fund!

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