Second Quarterly Report

It’s been a while since you heard from us, but it’s time to evaluate our work over the last quarter and celebrate some achievements.

Funding proposals

This far the A-Fund decision-making crew has considered 9 cases. We sent 975 euros altogether to Russia, Indonesia, Canada, USA, and la ZAD. You can see the details of the cases under the tag ‘Reports’. Sometimes we also receive non-public requests, where the applicant chooses to stay anonymous, so we don’t publish any information about such cases.

For your and our convenience, we have also elaborated a special request form  that you can now use for applying for support from the A-FUND.


As you can see from the statistics above, we were not able to send big amounts of money to people who asked for help, though all of them were grateful for what they received. An average support sum we sent was a bit more than 100 euros. This is because, as a rule, we send not more than 10% of the funds currently in the fund. We must say that we are building the bunch of donors slower than we expected. There are probably several reasons for it, among them are the general distrust to new structures that haven’t proved working yet, not enough publicity earned by the project, general lack of money with activists and too many other projects that require financial support. We are trying to build our credibility via publishing transparent reports and trying to invite other collectives that already cooperate with us to vouch for us. Soon we will create a special section of the site that will demonstrate the most satisfying feedback from our comrades.

We also received an idea from another collective that we should have more physical donation boxes around the globe for people to avoid using bank transfers and digital wallets and to make the donation process more convenient. We like the idea a lot and already think about ways to create a chain of donation boxes in different cities. If you live in one and feel like helping us with that, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are also continuously calling for benefit events for A-Fund.

We discontinued the mining of cryptocurrency on our website, as it didn’t work as needed and no one effectively used this feature.

We have also widened our network of distros that sell A-Fund branded t-shirts and other merch. We now have distros that produce and sell in Sweden, Russia and Germany. We are in the process of communication with collectives in the UK and Spain. We are happy to hear from distros who want to sell our merchandise!

Volunteers needed

We are happy to announce that we have received multiple emails from volunteers and people who would like to be part of our collective. For the moment we discontinued the possibility to join us as a full-time member, we need to figure out better collective processes first. But we are in great need of Spanish-speaking volunteers who can once in a while help us with the translation of our reports about the support we provide. You can become one by filling in this form.

We also in great need of volunteers who can help us with the implementation of our new PR strategy.

Advertising A-FUND

Although the Swedish government included A-FUND into its review of the radical scene, we haven’t received so much publicity in the activist communities yet. But we are not going to give up so easy, people.

We are now pretty active on various corporate and activist social medias, including mastodon, twitter, diaspora, VK, facebook, reddit, instagram, telegram and so on. Please help us spread the word in your networks! The easiest thing you can do is either share something we publish, or invite your friends to follow our pages.

We have also designed and translated into various languages stickers and flyers explaining what A-FUND is. You can download the version for print from our website. Print it and leave in activists spaces in your town or at events that you or others hold. Giving a presentation about A-FUND is a great idea!

And more good news – our website is now available in Portuguese. This is a hint to people in Portugal and Brazil to start advertising the fund to people who speak this language.

If you have any ideas how we can make the A-FUND better or more efficient, you are very welcome to contact us via

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